Surro, a revolutionary startup that prioritises the digitization of professional counselling services in Italy needs a Chief Technology/Cofounder to develop and maintain digital assets including Web and App platforms. Surro is radically changing the face of mental healthcare in Italy by providing a safe, confidential place for people who seek help and improving the accessibility to mental therapists, psychologists etc. A web community that allows both patients and counselling professionals to be matched appropriately for therapy and counselling sessions. New users are required to take an onboarding test which is used to assess their mental state and what mental conditions that they are prone to. They will also be allowed to have social profiles (anonymous or non-anonymous), connect to both patients and professionals, share experiences in forums. This platform intends to use gamification/point based system to discount the cost of counselling for patients and the trade-off is that patients have to be open to give out accurate information about themselves, so that actual progress of their mental health can be measured. The following feature will also be available; chatbots, feedbacks, volunteer helpers, panic button, follow up tests or spot checks, newsfeed, constructive media posted by professionals to either advertise services or suggest recommendations to patients etc.
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