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Job Description

The candidate will work in the Tanaza R&D Team in order to develop the core of the Tanaza firmware.


Strong proven skills in C (5+ years)
Strong proven skills in Linux (5+ years)
Strong skills in Bash scripting (5+ years)
Strong skills in networking components (iptables, ebtables, …)
Required GIT experience
Previous experience with OpenWRT is a big plus
Ability to work with Linux Kernel device drivers is a big plus
Having committed on Open Source projects is a big plus

BD/MD (3 or 5 years) in Computer Science, Informatics or Engineering is a plus
Communications and writing in English
Being self motivated and curious
Passion for technology
Wish to pro-actively learn and grow
Ability to take increasing levels of responsibility


Tanaza is a high-tech company: our technology enables Centralized Cloud Configuration and Management of Multiple Vendor Wi-Fi Access Points, giving Enterprise Manageability at SMB prices.We are a team of networking enthusiasts, committed to the idea that network management should be simple and affordable. Therefore, we developed the Tanaza software, a Wi-Fi Access Points management system offered through the cloud that does not require any expensive dedicated hardware controller.The significant investment that Tanaza makes in research and development helps extend and evolve the Tanaza Software. We listen to the community: this ensures improvements for what you as a company need and continuous growth of our supported access points.With Tanaza IT managers, System Integrators and Managed Solutions Providers can finally manage hotels, colleges, schools, hospitals and small businesses wireless networks with an unprecedented operational efficiency.
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